Petitions help fill out ballot some


PROSPECT — Four candidates have petitioned their way onto the ballot for the November election.

Anthony Dorso and Carl Cicchetti petitioned to run for Town Council. While both men are registered Democrats, they petitioned under no specific party designation and will appear on the ballot on a separate line from Democrat and Republican candidates, according to the town clerk’s office.

Dorso and Cicchetti make 11 candidates running for the nine-member council. The Republican Town Committee endorsed five candidates — the most it could — and the Democratic Town Committee endorsed four candidates at their respective caucuses in July.

Democrat James Barbarito petitioned as a Democrat to run for the Region 16 Board of Education, which oversees schools in Beacon Falls and Prospect. Barbarito will join endorsed candidate Andrea Sutton on the Democratic line of the ballot to challenge Republican incumbents Robert Hiscox and Nazih Noujaim.

Michelle Landry Lisowski, a registered Republican, petitioned to run for town clerk and will face Republican incumbent M. Carrie Anderson, who received the party’s endorsement. The Democratic Town Committee didn’t endorse a candidate for town clerk. Lisowski petitioned under no specific party designation.

No petitions were submitted in Beacon Falls and Naugatuck, according to the town clerks’ offices in both towns.