PD replacing handguns


NAUGATUCK — The police department is trading in its old guns for 64 new .40-caliber handguns, according to Chief Christopher Edson.

Edson said police have been using Springfield XD (M) guns since 2009. Handguns should be replaced every six to eight years, he said.

The department will purchase new Sig Sauer P320 guns for $24,000, Edson said. Edson said the department has saved money in various accounts to pay for the guns. The department repurposed $18,000 in the firearms budget to buy the new guns. The instructor of a Taser class also gave the department $3,000 worth of practice and actual cartridges, Edson said, and Taser batteries have lasted longer than expected, saving $7,148.


  1. Recoup in this town…. That’s way too much thought. How about just not even addressing that issue and continue pushing up the 46 mil rate. Easy? Lazy and ignorant. That’s our leaders. Next question!