Online grade posting a success at WRHS


BEACON FALLS — Region 16 has taken grade posting to the next level with its account on Schools have used this program to make assignments available to parents and students for more than five years, but this year, a new policy is making it easier for parents to follow their children’s academic careers.

Grades have never before been posted online, but now teachers are required to update them every two weeks. According to Woodland Regional High School Principal Dr. Arnold Frank, the new policy “puts more responsibility on students and parents to check grades.”

“I think the policy is very useful for students who need more influence from home,” Woodland senior Theresa Gillette said, though she added the policy has not changed how often her parents check her grades. “This is not affecting me personally. My parents don’t check it every other week, but I do. It keeps me more aware of where I stand in my classes.”

“We have only had a positive response from parents so far,” Frank said. “[Woodland teachers and administration] were all nervous, including myself, but I’ve only heard positive things from teachers so far.”

One other new policy concerns progress reports. They are usually mailed out mid-semester, but now all progress reports are available through Edline.

“I like that the reports are available online,” Gillette said. “It lets me know where I stand and what I can do to bring up my average.”

The new paper-free method of progress reports might leave some technology-reluctant parents in the dark, but for students, it’s an easy way to monitor their grades.