Olympiad in the works


BEACON FALLS — One resident is trying an Olympic undertaking to bring the townspeople together.

Jim Huk, the former Board of Finance chairman, is organizing a year-long event, called the Beacon Falls Olympiad. The event would combine physical activities, such as soccer and softball, with activities like trivia and a spelling bee.

Huk is also hoping to tie in already established events, like the cardboard boat regatta, into the Olympiad.

To compete in the Olympiad a person needs to be part of a team. Huk said his goal this year is to have five teams with 10 members each.

“One of the key things about it you have to have a team that can do sports, trivia, Scrabble. It’s a neat way to get people together,” Huk said.

Although the event is meant to be competitive, Huk said the primary purpose behind this endeavor is for residents to get to know each other a little better and join together in a common goal.

Huk, who would take on the role of project manager for the event, is looking to gauge interest in the Beacon Falls Olympiad before significantly moving forward with plans. In addition to participants, he is also looking for volunteers.

“Beacon Falls has a lot of volunteers. I think this is one of those things we can do,” Huk said.

Huk encouraged anyone who is interested in participating or volunteering with the Olympiad to visit www.bfolympics.com.

Although it is in the early stages still, Huk thinks Beacon Falls Olympiad could be a fun event for the whole town.

“I think it will be a lot of fun. There are people in it for the competitive side. That is part of it, it’s a competition. However, getting teams together is a great opportunity to meet people in town,” Huk said.