Office hours for town clerk, tax collector to change


BEACON FALLS — The town clerk and tax collector will now hold offices hours by appointment only Thursday evenings.

Town Clerk Kurt Novak and Tax Collector Mildred Jurzynski told the Board of Selectman Tuesday night that there is simply no reason for them to be there Thursday evenings, as they have in the past. Years ago, Thursday was the only time the town clerk and tax collector were at town hall. Now, they’re there most days of the week.

“There is absolutely nothing going on,” Novak said.

They said only a couple people had stopped by during those hours in the past few months, meaning they were sitting in their offices with nothing to do. Novak pointed out that no other offices were open at that time.

Jurzynski said the town is wasting money on heat, air conditioning, and electricity to keep them there after hours.

Both said they would be willing to come in at any time if someone called.

“I’m pretty much available 24/7,” Novak said. “We have no problem being open. We have no problem serving the public.”

Following a request from Selectman Chris Bielik, Jurzynski and Novak agreed to keep Thursday evening hours during the busiest times, in January and the first week of February and July and the first week of August.