No referendum for borough budget


NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck’s $125.1 million budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year was officially adopted after a period to force a referendum came and went without anyone petitioning to do so.

The Joint Boards of Mayor and Burgesses and Finance adopted the budget on May 15. Residents had until May 29 to submit petitions to force a referendum. No one took out petitions, Borough Clerk Nancy DiMeo said.

The budget increases spending by $3.2 million, or 2.62 percent, over this fiscal year’s budget.

The 2019-20 tax rate is 47.25 mills, which is a decrease of 1.1 mills. The cut in the tax rate comes after a property revaluation last year. So, whether residents see a reduction in their property taxes will depend of how their assessments fared under the revaluation.