New Prospect pediatricians seek to grow with patients

Pediatricians Dr. Allyson Rovetto, above, and Dr. Karen Kennedy recently opened Pond Place Pediatrics, in the Pond Place Medical on Waterbury Road in Prospect. –KIMBERLY WILSON

PROSPECT — The newly established Pond Place Pediatrics office, an affiliate of St. Mary’s Health System, says “come grow with us” to patients as they celebrate their first month of operation.

Pond Place Pediatrics, located in the Pond Place Medical Center, is furnished with brand new medical equipment and is “fully equipped to handle everything from checkups to urgent care,” according to Dr. Allyson Rovetto, one of the two board-certified pediatricians at the practice.

Rovetto received her medical degree in 2008 after spending four years at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. She then served three years of pediatric residency at Mt. Sinai Children’s Hospital. She has a special interest in childhood development and is comfortable working with children with behavioral issues.

Pond Place Pediatrics also hosts Dr. Karen Kennedy, who received her medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1994 and completed a three-year residency program at Yale New Haven Hospital.

“I love developmental, I love watching kids grow and I love helping families with … different life stages,” Kennedy said. She is interested in helping families live healthier lives and teaching nutrition and exercise habits to children starting at a young age.

Dr. Karen Kennedy

Rovetto said the new pediatric practice is a “logical expansion” of St. Mary’s Health System because Prospect formerly lacked an outpatient pediatrics practice.

“We found out there were no pediatricians in Prospect and I was surprised,” Rovetto said. “We saw the need for one … we’re really excited to be part of the Prospect community.”

The pair were selected to start their own practice because they were the newest doctors at St. Mary’s, showed an interest in starting their own practice and are more available to take on a new patient load than doctors that are more established at St. Mary’s, Rovetto said. Both doctors currently also work at St. Mary’s Children’s Health Center.

As part of their effort to connect with the Prospect community, the doctors hope to start an education lecture series at the Prospect Public Library on child health soon.

“We feel like it’s important to get our name out there and that there is a need for parents to hear medical information from a trusted source,” Rovetto said.

Rovetto said the office motto “come grow with us” is especially appropriate for their budding practice.

“It has a couple of meanings,” Rovetto said. “As we expand and grow as a practice, so will our patients.”

The office currently is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays but the doctors hope to expand their hours to include late nights and weekends as their patient list grows. Pond Place Pediatrics accepts state insurance and most private insurances.

Pond Place Pediatrics welcomes new patients and is located at 166 Waterbury Road in Prospect. The office can be reached at (203) 709-3293.