New phone system coming to Beacon Fall Town Hall


BEACON FALLS – Town Hall will get a much-needed update to its current phone system, thanks to the Board of Selectmen, which has authorized the purchase.

The town is currently operating on a touchtone based system that has no voicemail and no automated attendant.

“The phone just rings off the hook until a human being picks up the phone,” said Selectman Michael Krenesky.

First Selectman Susan Cable said the town prides itself that when people call, they talk to a real person. However, in reality it doesn’t always work out.

“All too often, they can’t get through. This will bring us into the 21st century,” Cable said.

The new system will be run by Comcast, and will hopefully be in place by May 1, according to Krenesky.

Once the town hall is complete, the board hopes to extend the new service to the senior center, public works department, and eventually the fire house and police station.

However, emergency services are a bit more complicated to set up.

Not only will the new system have better functionality, there’s a huge cost savings, Krenesky said.

The town is getting rid of phones they weren’t using and lines they weren’t even aware of, according to Cable.

Beacon Falls currently spends about $17,000 per year on phone services at town hall, but that figure will be cut to around $9,000 with the new system.

“It’s pretty much a no brainer if you think about it,” Krenesky said.