New Milford man admits to robbing borough bank, others


By Bruno Matarazzo Jr. Republican-American

NAUGATUCK — A Milford man accused of robbing a People’s United Bank inside a Stop & Shop July 27 confessed to robbing other supermarket banks in the state as well, according to a police report.

Michael T. Alldredge, 43, is being held on $750,000 bond following his arraignment July 29 at Waterbury Superior Court for the robbery charge in Naugatuck.

He admitted to police he robbed the People’s United Bank in Naugatuck as well as the same bank in the Watertown and Southington Stop & Shops last month, according to the incident report.

Alldredge told Naugatuck police he robbed People’s United Bank because he has an account there.

Michael Alldredge. Contributed

No weapon was shown during the robbery, police said.

His Aug. 3 started at the Stop & Shop in Seymour but he became spooked when he saw a police cruiser in the parking lot. He was driven by a friend to Naugatuck.

The friend didn’t know Alldredge was robbing banks and was told he was withdrawing money from his account, Alldredge allegedly told police. He asked his girlfriend to drive because the Jeep Wrangler he borrowed has a manual transmission and he doesn’t know how to drive stick.

Later in the day, Alldredge passed a deposit slip with “$10,000” and “No alarms” written on it.
The teller didn’t see the note so he told police he passed it to the next teller at the counter.
Alldredge made off with $2,390.

Police were able to identify Alldredge after a responding Naugatuck police cruiser picked up video on its dash camera of the fleeing Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep’s license plate registration came back to a Torrington woman who told police she lent her car to Alldredge and his girlfriend, Jessica Eaton, 31, to run errands.

Police also plan to charge Eaton with conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

Eaton said she didn’t know Alldredge was allegedly committing bank robberies and never saw any money. She told police Alldredge told her “I’ll be right back.”

After he came back in the Jeep, he told her: “We need to go and get out of here.”

Eaton is being held on a warrant for failure to appear.

Alldredge’s next court date is Sept. 12. He has not yet been charged in the other robberies.

Alldredge was previously convicted of robbery in 2020 for the May 2019 robbery at Liberty Bank in Beacon Falls.