Naugatuck’s grand list goes up slightly



NAUGATUCK — Thanks to gains in motor vehicle and personal property values, the borough’s 2013 grand list saw a slim increase.

The borough’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013 was $1,573,756,710, an increase of $7,513,820 or approximately 0.5 percent from the 2012 grand list. A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the value of assessed real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

Using the current mill rate of 44.80, the increase in the grand list represents a gain of $336,888 in tax revenue.

Increases in personal property and motor vehicle values offset a decrease in real estate values.

The total value of motor vehicles was $174,699,090, a 1.8 percent increase from the 2012 grand list.  

Tax Assessor George Hlavacek said the increase is likely due to the facts that people are buying more new cars and older cars are retaining their value for longer.

The total value of personal property was $114,858,210, a 4.5 percent increase from the 2012 grand list. Personal property is the value of the items owned by a commercial business, excluding its building and land.

“It’s a sign that businesses are at least holding their own or doing a little bit better,” Hlavacek said.

The only part of the 2013 grand list to decrease was real estate values, which was $1,328,348,870, a decrease of 0.14 percent from 2012.

This comes on the heels of the significant decrease in real estate values the borough saw in its 2012 grand list following a revaluation.

Hlavacek said the real estate market is still feeling the effects of that revaluation, which is reflected in the 2013 grand list numbers. In addition construction has been slow, he said.

“You don’t lose properties, but people tear things down. There are fires. There is not a lot of new construction going on,” Hlavacek said.

Top ten taxpayers

Connecticut Light and Power, $16,266,200

Connecticut Water Company, $16,228,400

Yankee Gas, $15,535,710

Wal-Mart Real Estate\Wal-Mart Stores East, $12,106,160

Garden Homes of Naugatuck\Horizon Homes, $9,215,220

Mancinone, John & Mancinone, John Trust, $7,989,310

Bridge Shopping Center, $7,393,470

Ansonia Acquisitions 1 LLC\Parkview Apartments, $6,563,620

Southwood Gardens LLC, $5,365,990

Genesis Health Ventures of Naugatuck, $4,641,530

Figures denote the total assessment for real estate and personal property. The list was provided by Naugatuck Assessors’ Office.