Naugatuck schools adapt grading procedures


By Elio Gugliotti, Editor

NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck middle and high school students will be graded on a pass-incomplete model for their final marking periods of this school year.

The shift is part of grading changes Naugatuck school officials have adopted to adjust for distance learning. Schools are closed the reminder of the academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naugatuck High School and City Hill Middle School students will receive a passing grade for the fourth quarter and third trimester, respectively, by participating and showing competency in courses through distance learning.

Students who pass the last marking period of a class will get a final number grade for the course that is the average of their grades in the earlier marking periods. Students can also earn a “pass with distinction” mark by demonstrating “mastery beyond expectations” or completing an independent personal interest project. Students who do so will get an extra five points added to their final grade in a course.

Students who don’t pass a course in the final marking period will be given opportunities to make up work before the end of the year. Those who don’t will receive an incomplete for the marking period.

High school students that get an incomplete but passed the first three quarters of a class will still get credit. Students whose grade in a class is below a 70 and don’t pass the fourth marking period will be given the chance to recover credits through online courses.

High school students must complete the fourth quarter of half-year courses. Those who don’t will get an incomplete for the course and have to make up the credits.

Middle school students who get an incomplete for the third trimester will get additional support, including tutors, a summer program and guided study halls.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade will receive competency-based report cards, which provide feedback on how a student is doing in classes rather than traditional grades.

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