Naugatuck River race results


The following are the results of the 4th annual Naugatuck Valley River Race:

Town vs. Town Canoe

1st Place Team-Bill Mis and Dominick Sorentino of Beacon Falls; Time 1:15:38

2nd Place-Roy Cavanaugh of Watertown; Time 1:18:20

Men’s Solo Canoe

1st Place-Jim Kelly; Time 1:00:05

2nd Place-Eric Jones; Time 1:00:25

3rd Place-Michael LeFebrne; Time 1:17:53

Men’s Tandem Canoe

1st Place Team-Charley Brackett and Fred Thompson; Time 52:35

2nd Place Team-Bill MacDonald and Tom Carey; Time 54:49

3rd Place Team-Robert Storm and Steve Healy; Time 1:01:47

Women’s Solo Canoe

1st Place Viroria Hackett; Time 1:31:20

Mixed Tandem Canoe

1st Place Team-Roger Carlson and Karen Carlson; Time 1:02:37

2nd Place Team-Jim Mathews and Meghan Mathews; Time 1:13:29

3rd Place Team-Eryn Mathews and Victor Janczar; Time 1:14:51

Men’s Solo Short Kayak

1st Place-Dave Anderson; Time 57:21

2nd Place-James Schumacher; Time 1:00:00

3rd Place-Rich Hansen; Time 1:00:49

Men’s Solo Long Kayak

1st Place-Donald Smith; Time 1:01:20

2nd Place Dan Ney; Time 1:02:35

3rd Place Adam Wakeley; Time 1:03:58

Men’s Tandem Kayak

1st Place Richard Gertz; Time 1:16:15

2nd Place Richard DiFronza; Time 1:16:24

Women’s Solo Short Kayak

1st Place Anke Gelbin; Time 1:08:40

2nd Place Melinda Lazarus; Time 1:09:51

3rd Place Beata Swider; Time 1:11:10

Women’s Solo Long Kayak

1st Place Melanie Ordner; Time 1:16:03

2nd Place Lori Kennedy; Time 1:52:50

Mixed Tandem Kayak

1st Place Team of Brian Sangster and Pam Sangster; Time 1:03:58

2nd Place Team of Leodavid Zuniski and Dayleen Nelson; Time 1:06:49

3rd Place Team of Mathew DiGiovanna and Diana Boyle; Time 1:08:46

Results provided by Bob Bradley.