Naugatuck Police release footage of officer hit by fleeing vehicle

A screen shot from the dashcam video of a Naugatuck police officer getting hit by a car last month.

By Andreas Yilma Citizen’s News

NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck Police released footage Dec. 6 of Lt. Mark Pettinicchi being hit by a suspect’s fleeing vehicle early last month.

Stanton Ragar Trent, 29, of New Haven and his passenger, Asia Shynise Paulin, 25, of Waterbury, fled from two pursuing police cars after a shoplifting incident occurred at Walmart at 1100 New Haven Road. A police officer arrived at the store as a shoplifting suspect, identified as 49-year-old Francis Ibell, attempted to get into a waiting gray Honda Ridgeline.

An officer caught Ibell after a quick foot chase, according to police.

The footage shows a Cheshire police officer, who was working the traffic detail duty with Pettinicchi, signaling for the driver of the Ridgeline to slow down before moving out of the way. Shortly after that, Pettinicchi signals for the driver to stop before being upended by the vehicle.

The footage was taken from the dash cam of the Cheshire police vehicle, according to Deputy Police Chief Colin McAllister.

“It’s common practice to supplement each other with police officers in the region,” McAllister said.

Pettinicchi was released from Waterbury Hospital on Nov. 19 after two weeks of multiple surgeries and transported to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford to undergo rehabilitation.

He was finally released from the rehabilitation center to his home on Thursday, according to McAllister.

“He is at a point in his recovery where he is not able to put any weight on his legs for three months,” McAllister said. The community has come together to show support for Pettinicchi.

Sgt. Derek Poundstone, with the help of some others, organized a GoFundMe on Monday to assist with the officer’s care. The page had a goal of $10,000, but the community has raised more than $29,520 as of Monday.

Park Commission Chairman Linda “Gigi” Ramos and Deb Deptula, both administrators of the 10,000-member Facebook group “What’s Happening in Naugatuck,” co-hosted and sponsored with a local coffee shop, The Loaded Goat, a “Coffee for an Officer” fundraiser at the cafe on Nov. 20. The event raised $3,104, according to Ramos.