Naugatuck police blotter


Naugatuck police recently filed the following charges:

JASPER SULLIVAN, 44, 21 Curtis St., Naugatuck, improper use-marker/license/registration, operate/parks unregistered motor vehicle, Oct. 3.

JOHN MORTENSON, 54, 71 May Ave., Naugatuck, threatening second-degree, disorderly conduct, Oct. 3.

JONES CHADE, 34, 498 West Main St., Waterbury, larceny sixth-degree, Oct. 3.

DOUGLAS ARSENAULT, 65, 151 Andrew Ave., Naugatuck, illegal operation of motor vehicle under suspension, improper number of headlamps, Oct. 4.

LUCAS SILVA, 20, 260 Railroad St., Thomaston, failure to appear second-degree, Oct. 4.

ANDREW ALEXANDER, 38, 318 East 78th St., New York City, breach of peace second-degree, assault third-degree, threatening second-degree, Oct. 4.

MATTHEW ZIMMITTI, 28, 194 Harrison Road, Cheshire, violation of protective order, Oct. 5.

JOSEPH FERRAZZI, 34, 9 Thunderbird Drive, Naugatuck, two counts of failure to appear second-degree, Oct. 5.

MANUEL ROMANO-GENAO, 37, 105 Clowes Terrace, Waterbury, illegal operation of motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs, Oct. 5.

SEAN CAROLINA, 30, 166 Richards St., West Haven, larceny sixth-degree, Oct. 6.

RYAN MCFARLAND, 24, 64 Carroll St., Naugatuck, larceny sixth-degree, Oct. 6.

CARLOS SOBEL, 44, 103 High St., Ansonia, larceny sixth-degree, Oct. 7.

JAMIE FLORENTINO, 33, 1214 Shakespeare Ave., Bronx, NY, larceny sixth-degree, Oct. 7.

PAUL WILLETS, 46, 16 Morris Road, Prospect, reckless driving, disobeying signal of officer, engaging police in pursuit, Oct. 7.

JOHN DOTY, 34, 1075 Baldwin St., Waterbury, face protection- motorcycle, operating motorcycle without insurance, operate/parks unregistered motor vehicle, breach of peace second-degree, illegal operation of motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs, harassment second-degree, stalking- fear physical safety, Oct. 8.

JOHN CAMACHO. 20, 230 Spring St., Naugatuck, assault second-degree, disorderly conduct, Oct. 9.

KIANA MCCOY, 31, 538 Elm St., New Haven, assault third-degree, disorderly conduct, Oct. 9.