Weid Drive accepted as new Naugatuck road




NAUGATUCK — A new town road has officially been added to the borough.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses on May 2 accepted Weid Drive, which is off New Haven Road between the Liberty Bank and Soapy’s Car Wash, as a town road that has been upgraded and paved to borough specifications.

Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess said there has been some litigation and a proposed agreement with the new town road.

George B. Lewis Housing for the Elderly,  Beacon Brook Health Center, a physical fitness center The Fit Factory and B2 Project (a housing authority) are all located on Weid Drive.

“Essentially the housing authority for the past seven years I’ve been mayor, we’ve been helping them pave it, patch it, fix it and there was a dispute between Weid Drive and the convalescent home as to what to do,” Hess said. “So the resolution that we’re being asked to agree to is that those two entities together will redo the road.”

Public Works General Foreman Jeremy Lennon said it is going to be a total reclamation of Weid Drive and will adhere to the borough standard of five inches of asphalt and drainage.

Hess said the street will become a town road with borough maintaining it after inspection and verification.

“They’re both paying (housing authority and convalescent home),” Lennon said. “Everything will remain the same. They’re going to redo the catch basins.”