NAUGATUCK — The borough plans to hold a liquidation sale for items in the Naugatuck Event Center before the eventual development of building.

Andreas Yilma CITIZEN’S NEWS
The Naugatuck Event Center at 6 Rubber Ave.

The Board and Mayor and Burgesses last week approved a motion to have Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess sign a contract with Keystone Liquidators to sell the contents of the Naugatuck Event Center to prepare it for sale.

Hess said there are some contents on the third and fourth floors of facility the town will retain, but the company will take 45% of the sales.

“We want this company to conduct a liquidation sale,” Hess said. “We’ll generate some revenue and we’re going to have to clean out the building anyway so this would just help in that regard.”

Burgess Rocky Vitale said he wants to make sure some items won’t be included in the sale.

“There are some properties there that belong to the historical society that are going to be moving,” Hess said.

Hess said everything is for sale except for items the borough retains.

“We are retaining computers, gem room chairs, music system and other miscellaneous items that we are identifying and excluding in the final agreement,” Hess said.

Burgess Dorothy Neth-Kunin said there are items for the borough food pantry and such that will have to be moved.

Hess said there are some possible options where the items will be moved.

“We’re going to have to decide what we’re going to do with the Bank of America. We have some space at the armory,” Hess said. “We have some other space but there’s going to be some maneuvering around that we’re just going to have to do the best we can with.”

Naugatuck Information Technology Director Jim Kallipolites said there are also items on the first and second floor that don’t need to be sold and possibly needs to be marked off.

Inventory will play a role where borough officials will separate items, Hess said.

The borough board approved at its regular meeting in September the selection of Bridgeport-based Corvus Capital Partners as the preferred developer for Parcel A or the Naugatuck Event Center at 6 Rubber Ave.

The building is used for various events and meetings by borough officials, merchants and organizations. The four-story, 319,188-square-foot building was built in 1950 and sits on 3.9 acres.

The borough took possession of the former General DataComm building in May 2013.

The building and land were valued at $8.6 million and assessed at about $6 million, Assessor Shelby Jackson previously said. It is not known if those numbers have changed.

The borough expects to have the liquidation sale in May, Hess said