Naugatuck election results


Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi watches the election results roll in with her son Benjamin, 11, Monday night at Santos' Restaurant on Church Street. Rossi, a Republican, earned the most votes among the burgess candidates and was re-elected to a fifth term as Deputy Mayor. PHOTO BY ELIO GUGLIOTTI
NAUGATUCK—After the dust had settled and the final votes were tallied tonight, borough Republicans picked up two seats on the Board of Burgesses and now claim a 5-4 majority.

Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi hauled in the most votes once again and was re-elected to her fifth term as Deputy Mayor.

Republicans now hold the same 5-4 majority on the Board of Education, and the board features five new members.

The following are the results from the May 2, Naugatuck municipal election as given by the Registrars Office:

* denotes winner


Robert A. Mezzo (D)-2,390*


Tamath K. Rossi (R)-2,115*

Michael Ciacciarella (D)-1,684*

Robert A. Neth (R)-1,672*

Michael Bronko (R)-1,571*

Laurie Taf Jackson (D)-1,485*

Robert J. Burns (D)-1,388*

Catherine M. Ernsky (R)-1,327*

Ronald S. San Angelo (R)-1,258*

Patrick J. Scully Sr. (D)-1,227*

Henry C. Kuczenski (D)-1,169

Anthony R. Campbell (D)-1,169

Matthew R. Katra (R)-1,009

Board of Education

Dorothy G. Neth-Kunin (R)-1,712*

David M. Heller (R)-1,621*

James M. Scully (D)-1,506*

Diana V. Malone (R)-1,492*

Glenn P. Connan (R)-1,390*

Debra A. Brackett (D)-1,376*

James E. Jordan (D)-1,365*

Scott H. Slauson (R)-1,301*

Deanna Krzykowski (D)-1,294

Town Clerk

Michelle M. Dowling (R)-2,209*

Edward Carter (D)-907


Judy E. Anderson (R)-1,604*

Henry C. Kuczenski Jr. (D)-1,257

Tax Collector

James J Goggin (D)-2,328*

Zoning Commission

Richard W. Cool Sr. (R)-1,767*

Thomas J. Mariano (D)-1,653*

Stanley L. Jaroneczyk (R)-1,512

Planning Commission

Robert S. Pease (R)-1,850*

E. Harry Jancis (R)-1,674*

Marya Catherine (D)-1,440


Helen A. Wilmot (R)-1,466*

Katherine J. Carten (R)-1,386*

Charles P. Marenghi (D)-1,367*

Michele J. Russell (D)-1,281


Joseph A. Rotella Jr. (R)-1,745*

W. Francis Dambowsky Jr. (R)-1,723*

Francis P. Lawlor (D)-1,659*

Stephanie L. Savoy (R)-1,593*

Elizabeth O. Jarvis (R)-1,482*

Michael L. Caron (D)-1,378*