Mezzo issues order banning parking on town streets


There will be no parking on Church Street until further notice.
NAUGATUCK – Cars parked on the borough’s streets could be towed and their owners fined.

Mayor Bob Mezzo issued and executive order Jan. 28 to indefinitely extend the parking ban on many of the borough’s streets.

“The response to multiple weather events of significant nature has been all-encompassing. We are taxing our resources and equipment to their maximum capacity,” Mezzo said.

Even though there is an automatic parking ban before and after a storm, Mezzo extended the ban to allow plows to continue working in between storms.

“There’s so much snow, we’re continually doing snow removal in different spots in the town,” James Stewart, director of public works, said.

He said the town doesn’t have the equipment to do it all during the snow storm.

“What happens is people park on narrow streets and it’s difficult or impossible to plow the street,” Stewart said.

The department is working with police to notify people to move their cars so the town can continue plowing and doing snow removal, Stewart said.

On his blog, Mezzo wrote that the cars parked curbside present a safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers on the narrow streets.

“While our police department will continue to exercise good judgment when enforcing the ban, efforts to address problem areas will be increased in coming days. Those parking vehicles or other items of personal property along non-exempted, sides of streets should be fully aware that they risk incurring the penalties and inconvenience for doing so,” wrote Mezzo on his blog.

While there are numerous inconveniences, Mezzo said the Public Works Department was focused on its ability to respond to emergencies and making sure first responders have access to buildings to make sure they respond in the minimum time possible.

“The Borough of Naugatuck shall continuing evaluating areas which create significant concern for safe travel and public safety and enforce the Parking Ban accordingly,” the order states.

Notable exceptions to the ban include the even side City Hill Street from High Street to City Hill Court, the even side of North Main Street, from Orchard Street to Curtiss Court and the even side Salem Street between Rockwell Avenue and New Street.

For a complete list of which streets are exempted from the ban, go to

“We appreciate the collective patience of our residents and business owners,” Mezzo said.