McGrath Park fountain to flow again


PROSPECT – The town is finally moving forward on getting the town pond’s pump repaired.

The Town Council approved at its Jan. 2 meeting to send out a Request for Bids for a new pump at the fountain for the pond at McGrath Park. The new pump will help reduce the algae growth, according to meeting minutes.

A fishing line got tangled in the filter where water is pulled into the fountain on Route 68, nearly next door to Town Hall. The line clogged up the pump filter’s motor, causing it to burn out. The pump and fountain haven’t been working since November 2021.

Town Council Chairman Jeffrey Slapikas said there is only one company in the state that supplies the pump and labor for the fountain. The estimated cost of this project may be $10,000 to $12,000 for lights on the pump, but due to the cost exceeding $5,000, the project must go to bid, meeting minutes state.

The town had a fountain installed in the pond in 2004 and the pond itself has been there for close to 60 years.

Town Council members Theresa Graveline and Scott Martin brought up concerns regarding fishing lines damaging the fountain again.

“This new pump is designed to avoid that issue and the pump has a 5-year warranty with no maintenance required,” Slapikas said.

Town Council members were previously in agreement to use any of the town’s remaining COVID-19 relief funds to fix the fountain. Slapikas said he checked and the project does qualify to use ARPA funds.

The pond is stocked with fish every year in the spring the week before opening day, when a fishing derby takes place there, Slapikas previously said.