Man charged following confrontation at borough home


NAUGATUCK — A man wanted in Florida showed up on the doorstep of a home Sunday looking to collect a debt while armed with brass knuckles and a knife, a witness told police.

William Kollar, 52, is also suspected of threatening to “stick” a man and sick his dog on him during the encounter.

Kollar, of New Hartford, was charged with attempted first-degree assault, attempted first-degree burglary, threatening and reckless endangerment.

A 35-year-old resident told police Kollar appeared to be intoxicated when he arrived at his home on Morning Mist Road shortly before noon. Kollar was looking for the man’s roommate, claiming he was owed a lot of money.

Kollar kept grabbing at his hip as he yelled for the man to shut up and appeared to be grasping a pair of brass knuckles, the man told police. The man also told police he saw a blade in Kollar’s hand. Kollar threatened to punch him and repeatedly said he would send his dog into the home, the man told police.

As Kollar was talking, the man slammed the door on him, but Kollar tried to kick and push his way into the building, threatening he would stick the man, police reported. Kollar fled before police arrived, but Officer Carl Schaaf found Kollar and the Ford Taurus he was driving parked at Hillside Cemetery.

Police later found a knife underneath a backpack that was found on the Ford’s passenger seat and police noted the car had expired license plates from California.

Kollar was wanted by authorities in Florida who claim he violated his probation, which stemmed from a driving while under the influence conviction in Santa Rosa County. His record in that state includes several DUI convictions.

Kollar, whose last known address was 247 Gillette Road in New Hartford, is being held on a $50,000 bond and is due in Waterbury Superior Court on Dec. 22.