Malfunction leads to leak at Prospect Elementary


PROSPECT — A malfunction in some HVAC units at Prospect Elementary School caused some water damage in the school.

The incident occurred as a result of power outages in town caused by the snow and ice storm on Sunday.

Region 16 Superintendent of Schools Michael Yamin said when the power shuts off the units have a spring that is supposed to automatically release water that runs through the systems. When the school lost power, he said, the springs didn’t release the water. When the power turned back on some coils were blown, leading to water leaking into the media center and a hallway.

The media center has been cleaned, he said, an officials are waiting for a new rug to install in the center. Also, he said, a section of sheetrock in a hallway had to be replaced.

Officials didn’t have an exact monetary total for the damage. Yamin estimated the damage and work would cost about $30,000.