Majority in Prospect to have power back by tonight


PROSPECT – Five crews are currently working to restore power in town, according to Mayor Robert Chatfield. The crews have come from as far away as North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana, Chatfield said. Another crew from Cheshire is working on Cheshire Road, where a lot of primary wires are down, Chatfield said.

About 50 percent of Prospect was still without power as of noon today. CL&P estimates that 99 percent of Prospect will have power by midnight Sunday, but Chatfield said many people should have power well before then.

He said the business district on Waterbury Road is open, including Oliver’s Supermarket, CVS, the gas station, and hair salons. Chatfield said Oliver’s is completely up and running, but had to throw away its produce and frozen goods while running off a generator the past few days.

Power has been restored to parts of Cheshire Road, Damas Road, and Morris Road and the center of town should be back on the grid in about an hour, Chatfield said after talking to crews from Connecticut Light and Power.

Chatfield said Straitsville Road and roads off it should be back this evening as well as Summit Road and Juggernaut Road.

New Haven Road and streets off it should be back on later this afternoon, with 60 to 70 percent of the town restored to power by tonight.

Chatfield said about 20 people stayed at the shelter at the Fire House last night, down from 60 the night before.