Lightning strike fries circuits at Town Hall


PROSPECT — A lightning strike near Town Hall on Wednesday night knocked out power and wreaked havoc with electrical systems in the building, including knocking out the elevator.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said lightning struck somewhere near Town Hall between 6 and 8 p.m. during a storm that came through the area. The lightning strike caused a power surge that fried several electrical circuits at Town Hall, including circuits for the fire alarm, elevator and the automatic transfer switch for the generator, he said.

Chatfield said the power surge also caused problems with the phone system and internet at Town Hall.

Repair crews are working to fix the problems, Chatfield said, and the fire alarm has already been repaired.

Chatfield said it’s unknown when the elevator and transfer switch for the generator will be fixed, since it depends on getting the parts.

Town Hall has power and is open for business, Chatfield said. Anyone who can’t make it up the stairs while the elevator is out can call Town Hall at 203-758-4461 and someone will come outside to assist them.

“We’re up and running right now,” Chatfield said. “We’ll offer curbside service if needed.”

Chatfield expects the town’s insurance to cover the repairs, with the exception of the town’s $1,000 deductible.

Chatfield said the storm dumped about 1 3/8 inches of rain in town in about a half an hour and the winds reached as high as 53 mph. He said there were no issues at any other town buildings.

Chatfield added the storm knocked a tree over on Morris Road. It’s since been cleared, he said.