Letter: Zupkus will stand and fight


To the editor,

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Lezlye Zupkus, our current state representative for Prospect, Bethany and Cheshire. She began her first term in January 2013 and since that time has been working continuously to support the members of our community and local businesses, hoping to bring about change that will make Connecticut a more desirable place to live in for us and for our children. Whether she is visiting the seniors at the Prospect Senior Center, reaching out to local citizens at the markets and restaurants that she frequents, or simply by stopping by a Boy Scout function just to show support, it is clear that community comes first for Lezlye. She currently serves on the public safety, commerce and human services committees for the state of Connecticut. In addition to this, she is the state director for Best Buddies International, an organization that works on creating one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It really was such a pleasure to talk with a politician who is actually concerned for the future of Connecticut. She began the interview talking about what lead her to run for state representative in the first place. Stating that her main passion in life has always been to make a difference in people’s lives, and to stand up for what is right, Lezlye stated that she was not happy with the path our state was on, and truly wants to make a difference.

The number of people leaving this state due to losing their jobs and being forced to sell their properties is frightening and only getting worse. Going around and talking to the local citizens, Lezlye states that she has noticed one main trend: people are overburdened in taxes and can’t afford to stay here or to do business here. As she watched businesses closing their doors and people fresh out of college fleeing the state, she realized how important a fresh set of ideas is for Connecticut. She stated, “My goals are to have people live in the great state of Connecticut and stay here because they want to and they can afford to, have kids that have graduated from college come and work in Connecticut if they chose to do that. This is what I represent.”

To achieve these goals, Lezlye stresses the importance of stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and letting companies do their own business. Lezlye believes in less government and would like to see our government take more of a common sense approach, setting a reasonable budget and living within our means. She states, “In a household, we do not spend more than we make, and neither should the government. We don’t want our children to pay for the mistakes of our currently elected officials are making on spending.”

Unlike other politicians, Lezlye isn’t afraid to admit that she doesn’t hold all of the answers and that she isn’t an expert on every issue. She does, however, intend to serve as facilitator, planning to bring experts together to ensure that the best decisions are made and to support bills that will best serve our community. She is a firm believer in the notion that legislators need to talk to the community and listen as much as you possibly can in order to serve the best interest of the people.

Most importantly though, Lezlye hopes to drive home the point that until there is a balance in Connecticut’s government, not one that is a single -rule (Democrats), our voices will not be heard. I have spent numerous hours at the Capitol listening to a very overwhelming constituent testimony’s on a major bill only to find out that our majority party (Democrats) were there only to pacify the peoples’ request and passed the bill anyway, simply because they can. I have felt robbed of my freedoms and liberties, being vastly unheard with the current majority party. We need to have more politicians that are in touch with their constituents, as Lezlye Zupkus is. She isn’t just a politician that only comes around during elections, but rather, is always attending events and supporting her community in any way that she can.

Lezlye is a representative who will “Stand and Fight” for what we the people believe in and she will listen to our needs and push for necessary legislation. By voting for her, we are supporting someone who is looking to stop the nonsense and enforce good legislation. She will continue to fight against tax increases. She prides herself in being a politician that truly cares about the people, and answers every single email and phone call that she receives.

If you are interested in learning more about her, Lezlye can be reached by her home phone number, (203) 758-0029, or by email at lezlye.zupkus@housegop.ct.gov. Learn more about her campaign at zupkus2014.com and see how she truly is a fresh vision for Connecticut’s future.

“Stand and Fight” for what is right.

Tom Giammattei