Letter: Zupkus stands up for real issues


To the editor,

It appears that the phony “War on Women” has reared its ugly head this time at the local level. Don’t be fooled by made up issues. I have always had access to cancer screenings, prenatal care and other critical health services. As a woman, I find the whole “War on Women” theory insulting. I think trying to scare women into thinking they don’t have access to these services is wrong. Rich or poor, young or old, women are never without access to healthcare.

Thankfully, Lezlye Zupkus has not fallen for that. Instead, Lezlye chooses to focus her efforts on real issues that are important to the safety and well being of all Connecticut residents. I’m proud to be voting for someone who wants to keep Connecticut safe by opposing the early release policy of our current Governor. Equally important is Lezlye’s fight against reducing the size of protective drug-free zones around our schools. Supporting legislation requiring notification to towns when a registered sex offender gets released into a community is also another real issue that deserves attention.

Get out and cast your vote on Nov. 4 to re-elect Lezlye to represent the 89th District. Connecticut needs Lezlye Zupkus.

Brenda Martin