Letter: Zupkus is not a typical politician


To the editor,

I must say I find it to be very interesting that typically speaking the average citizen only sees their politicians during an election season. However, Lezlye Zupkus is not a typical politician.

Ever since she was elected two years ago to be our state representative she has been actively participating in community events and always approachable. She has worked diligently during her first term on a variety of issues including sponsoring a bill to repeal the inmate early release program, working across party lines with Democratic women on sex trafficking legislation and sexual assault victim legislation. Standing up against anti-business legislation and fighting against reducing drug free zones. She has kept the community updated consistently as to her progress and always asks for feedback from her constituents. She has done a marvelous job thus far and is just getting warmed up.

On the other hand her opponent, Vickie Nardello, who was our previous state representative, spent 18 years in office making a career out of it. Strange how it seems she was rarely accessible to her constituents but now at election time she decides to show up. Now she is seeking to return to her previous position. Suddenly, she is making appearances in the community when we haven’t seen her for how many years? Nice try Vickie but no thanks. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors elsewhere.

Ron Laone