Letter: Zupkus is a strong fiscal conservative voice


To the editor,

As a longtime resident of Connecticut I feel Lezlye Zupkus is a person who, like me, is sick and tired of the government overreaching into our personal lives and our wallets. The only defense we have against the ever increasing tax burden for the average citizen is the strong fiscal conservative voice and vote of those like our current representative for the 89th District (Cheshire, Prospect and Bethany). Lezlye has fought tirelessly to stop the increases of every tax hike in Hartford during her term in office. Taxes should not increase any further if our great state is to survive.

During the last contest for the seat in Hartford, Lezlye took the time to knock on doors, meet with residents and consider the opinions of the citizens of Cheshire, Prospect and Bethany. She held town meetings and informed the people in her district of decisions made in Hartford. Lezlye knows her ultimate purpose of being a representative is to stand for the values of the people she represents. During her first term, Lezlye has proven she is a fiscal conservative, promoter of businesses, a voice for our children, grandchildren and a true community representative.
Vote for Lezlye on Nov. 4. Now, more than ever, please remember to vote.

Alexander DeLelle


The writer is a member of the Prospect Town Council.