Letter: Zupkus has been doing a great job


To the editor,

Rep. Lezlye Zupkus is the only choice for representative in the 89th District. She has been doing a great job in Hartford fighting against Malloy and his tax increases.

It appears that Nardello, the representative that Lezlye beat in 2012, is attempting to come back. Before you attempt to vote for her you should consider that she was basically a rubber-stamp for Malloy and his policies. She voted for the largest tax increase in state history. She voted for the release of dangerous felons from prison early who then committed additional heinous crimes. She voted to repeal of the death penalty despite the 2007 home invasion in Cheshire that occurred one street from her district.

We need a representative in Hartford that represents us here in our district not someone who blindly takes orders from Malloy.

Vote for Lezlye on Nov. 4.

Richard Blanc