Letter: Zupkus has been a voice of reason


To the editor,

As voters prepare to cast important ballots this November, the makeup of the state’s legislature is critical to Connecticut’s viability. The Malloy years have left the economy decimated by the largest income tax increases in the state’s history, one of the major factors that has led to a mass exodus from the state. Countless people have pulled up their long-standing roots to head for warmer climates in low-tax states, many of which have personal income tax, where they can keep a larger percentage of their own income.

The youth do not return to Connecticut after college because they see the dismal state of the economy. The people who are leaving are the high-wage earners, retirees who have significant pensions (some from the state) and others who contribute greatly to Connecticut’s economy. Without them, we will soon be left with people who can’t or don’t contribute to the state but who, instead, live off of the largess of the outgoing governor.

This economic climate is not sustainable and a Republican majority in Hartford is needed to turn it around. I will be voting to return state Rep. Lezlye Zupkus to Hartford because she has been a voice of reason during her tenure in Hartford and is not afraid to stand up to the special interest groups and Democrats who can’t seem to curb the out of control spending that has defined and destroyed the economy. She has consistently supported cuts in spending and meaningful tax reform.

Sharyn Sweeney