Letter: Worried about golden years


To the editor,

I’m a retired senior citizen having been so for 10 years. My loving wife and I have been married for 50 years and worked hard to offer a good home for our family in hope of someday being able to enjoy life in what people told us would be our golden years.

Well, unfortunately, Mr. Obama has not helped to achieve that goal.

My wife works part time and was receiving free medical insurance. But, under the new health reforms she lost those benefits and pays $137 a month for her to have the same benefits she had. Also, for 10 years we’ve always come out even when paying our income taxes, but this year I’m going to owe a large sum.

The bottom line is I’ve gone back to work part time just to maintain the quality of life we had the past 10 years.

So please, before we start singing Mr. Obama’s praises, would someone please let me know what he has done for the average elderly person trying to live the so-called “golden years.”

Charles LaCroix

Beacon Falls