Letter: Women’s football team gains new fans


To the editor,

I want to write this with such deep appreciation and admiration to a wonderful group of women. They are all members of the women’s football team, called The New England Nightmares. They are based in Windsor, Conn. 

Why am I writing about this team?

I am writing about this team who heard about a young woman from Naugatuck who is in her senior year of high school, who is misunderstood by too many, suffers from esteem issues and with all the hustle and bustle of every day life of a high school student, especially a senior with prom coming around.  This wonderful group of women heard how this family was struggling financially and didn’t know how they would ever be able to get their daughter a dress, shoes and all that goes with going to the prom. This young woman wanted to feel like a princess on that day and her dreams were shattered.

Though one day the mother gets a phone call that this team wants to help out this teenage girl get to the prom. They go out and meet the team and find out how much of a team these women are. One says they can do her nails, one says they will do her hair and another has a cousin that will do her makeup. Not to mention a collection by the whole team, including coaches, had been done so this girl could get a prom dress, shoes, clutch, everything needed to go to her prom. Which was a great relief to not only her but also her parents. These young women stayed in touch with both mom and this young woman for the past few months, with so much encouragement and support.

On the day of the prom a few members of the team show up to get her hair and make up done. They were there for two hours getting her ready. As the time got closer to having to leave more members of this football team showed up. Each so happy to see this young lady all ready to go in her gown and all made up. Many pictures were taken, tears to be seen and pride on each member as they continued to show up and see “their girl” and her boyfriend going off to prom. So many pictures were taken of these memorial hours, many smiles, tears and much laughter.

The New England Nightmares are a team of women who play football. Who heard a story about a young woman and became her mentors, who went above and beyond everything you could think to make this girls prom night more than special. Who gave so much of themselves, their support and understanding, and pride in their eyes when they saw her and also when taking pictures. That is something that will forever be in this young woman’s heart.

Thank you to these wonderful women, you show what team work is both on and off the field. You have made such a great impact on this young woman through your kindness of all that you have done and when a phone call or text was needed. Such a group of wonderful woman, the family will forever remember the kindness, support, understanding, integrity and smiles and laughter. You all are very special women.

Keep up the good work with the team, and you know that this young woman wants to join your team. You have a whole new bunch of new fans, not just as you playing football but for the women that you are and for letting your hearts show.

Cindi Davis