Letter: Voters should pick Wisniewski for burgess


To the editor,

I appeal to voters of Naugatuck to exercise their right to vote that has been a staple of our Democracy for this great country.

On Nov. 7, the voters of Naugatuck have the opportunity to pick our government that will make decisions and plot the future for the Borough. Take this decision seriously for the effect will be felt. I am writing to urge the voters to pick Donald Wisniewski for burgess. I have known Donald for over a decade, we are friends that live in the same neighborhood, and have coached town baseball in the past. He is a caring father who wants what is best for his children and the people of Naugatuck. He deeply cares about the borough and wants the best for its residents.

For Donald it is not about party affiliation, but rather working together for the future of Naugatuck. He will work hard with the Board of Mayor and Burgesses to ensure what’s best for the taxpayers to move the borough forward with fiscally-sound judgement, and make those hard decisions that are best for the taxpayers.

Chris Flynn