Letter: Voters should look at concrete facts


To the editor,

This letter is in response to statements made in letters published in the Citizen’s News written by Town Council Chairman Thomas Galvin and the Democratic members of the Town Council.

I have proudly worked in the Mayor’s Office for over 15 years in a multitude of fashions and I am very honored to have been a part of this administration. I believe this is a team that strives to provide the best services to Prospect and has some of the highest moral standards, integrity and work ethic.

The day-to-day operations in Town Hall are not what continue to move Prospect forward and it certainly is not holding us back. What is moving us forward is a team of hard-working employees, knowledgeable elected officials and a connected, supportive community that work together to make decisions in the best interest of the residents. I can guarantee that 100 percent that the employees that work in the Mayor’s Office are hard-working, dedicated taxpayers that have the utmost respect for taxpayers and taxpayer money. All of that combined is what has made Prospect the best small town that it has grown to become.

So I am going to ask voters to only look at the concrete facts that are out there. Don’t get trapped in the pettiness of political slander that happens every election year with placement of blame and accusations of shortfalls. Voters should make an informed decision that is based upon truth and their experiences. Then, I encourage voters to decide who they feel is the best group of individuals to continue moving Prospect forward.

Megan Fortier Patchkofsky


The writer is a Republican candidate for Town Council.