Letter: Voters should choose Horsley


To the editor,

I am writing this letter not as the Bethany Democratic party leader but a concerned citizen residing in Connecticut’s 17th Senatorial District. Many of us at the local level are disappointed and disheartened by the actions of an obviously dysfunctional state legislature who have pushed many critical issues aside in favor of partisan politics. These actions have not served the residents of the 17th well.

A change is needed in Hartford: a change in ideals, policies and procedures with the goal to put the needs of our residents first. As a public safety professional I was appalled when the Valley Regional Fire School was removed from bonding just as it was ready for construction. The land was purchased, plans drawn and the contractor hired. Not a whimper was heard from our leaders at a time when their voices were needed the most. This disassociation with the people must come to an end.

A change is needed in Hartford, and the Democratic Party in the 17th is honored to have some great candidates represented in the primary election to be held Aug. 14.

We need to elect a senator who is not entrenched in old school politics and can bring a fresh approach to Hartford that considers the needs of the people first and foremost.

That candidate, in my opinion, is Valerie Horsley. I first met Valerie when she put in many hours of hard work in Bethany during our municipal campaign of 2017. She truly spent her time learning a great deal about Bethany and the district as a whole. Coming from humble roots, she is able to identify with the vast majority of middle class, blue collar individuals that make up the 17th’s electorate. As a scientist at Yale, she is able to approach the district’s problems with fresh innovative ideas. Respected by many political leaders for her advocacy and organizational skills, she will be a strong voice sending the right message of support for the people.

We need to continue the legacy of our great former Sen. Joe Crisco and send a fair, honest and hardworking Democratic Senator to Hartford to represent the 17th. We need to send Valerie Horsley.

Clark D. Hurlburt


The writer is the chair of the Bethany Democratic Town Committee and a selectman in Bethany.