Letter: Vote to reduce the budget


To the editor,

The library in Naugatuck had its budget request cut this year. Because of this they were going to close the library two days a week. Then all of a sudden they discovered money in their budget to allow them to keep their regular hours.

They moved $20,000 from one account to another. That is good, but can you imagine the town budget for all departments if each department could only save $20,000 each.
How about some larger departments that could save a lot more, like $100,000 by moving money from one account to another. How low could a budget get?

Let’s vote to reduce the budget and get our tax money in our own pockets instead of giving it to someone else to spend.

Use your voting privilege and vote on July 29 to lower our budgets, which will in effect stop raising your taxes.

Paul Miller



  1. Not sure who “they” are. The library is not a town department, it is an independent non-profit organization that receives a donation of around $580,000 per year from us taxpayers. The amount for the library for this year increased by around $25,000 so there was no cut. What town departments have cash in accounts that are not included in the annual budget?