Letter: Vote for a change in leadership


To the editor,

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is saying it’s crucial to keep high tech and manufacturing jobs in Connecticut. I read millions of tax credits, cash and property giveaways to keep or entice companies to stay, expand or set up shop in Connecticut from other states. At what real cost? Who’s paying for it? Why not here in Naugatuck? These questions are never fully answered to the public.

As you know in Naugatuck lost so many manufacturing companies over the years. The Hersey Company that left seven years ago is now an empty lot that the town wants to keep as industrial use but changed zoning to commercial. The land went to bid and no takers, so it stays empty. Why doesn’t the state or Naugatuck buy the land and give it away to a manufacturing company willing to come here to set up shop and create jobs. To me it would be more cost effective than the state giving away $300 million to create 300 jobs. A million dollars per job and always elsewhere in Connecticut.

My guess is our state and local Democrat leadership are failing us in Naugatuck. Naugatuck doesn’t seem to have a close relationship with the powerful Democrats in Hartford to get something done to create jobs. What am I missing? The only thing I have read is the state wants Naugatuck to spend millions on our waste treatment plant. That big bill is coming soon.

Now Malloy is running again, saying he won’t raise taxes. But we all know he will break that promise just like he did last time. The problem as I see it is the state government will never stop raising the budget, cut wasteful spending and make real cuts to our budget under Democrat control. The Democrat leadership seems to only take care of people and companies that support them to stay in power in Hartford. Make a difference on Nov. 4, vote for a change in leadership in Hartford.

Also, Naugatuck’s budget is up for a vote again on Oct. 14, only at the railroad station. Please vote, anyway you want, but vote.

Steven Sharik