Letter: Vocal opposition is the best way to stop plant


To the editor,

The Siting Council recently interrogated CPV lawyers and executives. During the testimony, some of the following was elicited from CPV. If they don’t get approval for the larger power plant they have no intention of building the smaller plant. They admitted that they don’t think Connecticut needed the power and actually has a surplus of power for years to come.

CPV admitted Connecticut is an exporting state and admitted that the power generated from the Towantic plant will be used to generate power in parts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. During discussion concerning pollutants from the emission stack’s one CPV member actually said most of the dangerous pollutants will stop at the power plant fence line. Really.

Siting Council Chairman Robert Stein mentioned the council had received many letters from opponents to the plant and seemed to suggest that even more be sent.

If you live in Middlebury, Southbury, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Oxford and Seymour, and oppose this plant you and your spouse can write separate letters to the Siting Council letting them know of your opposition. Even if you have children or grandchildren they can write something about their concern for your health and safety.

Please visit the website www.stoptowanticpower.com and use the letter writing tool (it’s quick and easy) to write letters or emails to the Connecticut Siting Council to urge them to deny this plant’s application. Or you can simply send a brief letter of only a few sentences. Written and vocal opposition is the best way to stop the plant and voice our concerns. We need thousands of letters (each person in a household can send one.)

Letters should be sent to Mr. Robert Stein, Chairman, CT Siting Council Ten Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051.

Peter Bunzl