Letter: Uniform policy not needed for Region 16


To the editor,

I need to write this letter as a response to proposed school uniforms for Region 16 public schools. The fact that Region 16 is looking to the Waterbury school system is a joke. We are not Waterbury and we should embrace that.

Points made in the proposal fail to consider some of the downfalls of implementing a school uniform policy. First, school uniforms will stifle our children’s expression, creativity and individuality. Are we trying to create a culture of drones where followers are encouraged over developing leadership skills? How do we show the value of diversity when our children are taught that issues can be resolved by conforming to be like everyone else?

The proposal also states that bullying and behavior issues will be reduced. Really? Is bullying and bad behavior rooted in the clothing children wear or does it run deeper than that? Perhaps we should look to the parents on those themes. Growing up we had people dress in a variety of fashions. We didn’t force conformity to deal with these differences. We learned to accept the differences.

Lastly, one of the main pros of the uniform proposal is that because of Region 16’s socio-economic diversity, school uniforms will be burden that is lifted for all families. However, research shows that the burden of school uniforms is ultimately worse than just enforcing the current dress code.

If we want to be like Waterbury, we need to re-evaluate ourselves. I would have to believe there are good reasons why many of us chose to live in a town without the problems of the Waterbury school system, though. I for one, enjoy the fact that my children can express themselves through their clothing choices as well as other means.

When the parent/student survey is available, I intend to let the school board know that I am not in favor of this in our public school system. I hope you will share this same sentiment.

Jared Moore