Letter: Trump is not the answer


To the editor,

Every now and then, something really nasty crawls up out of the basest instincts of human beings and often there’s some “hero” to take advantage of it. Through the ages, in most countries, there’s been an individual who has encouraged those feelings of hate and fear, and urged people to act on their lowest thoughts and impulses.

Most famous of modern times was Hitler and now the USA has Donald Trump. What can the attraction be? We are always looking for someone to blame when things are going badly, so why not “the others” — foreigners: taking our jobs, causing crime waves; corrupt politicians: mis-managing the country, lining their own pockets; women: taking men’s work and not knowing their place.

Well, if anyone thinks Trump is the answer, please put your brain in gear. “He’s a rich, successful businessman,” who inherited his daddy’s fortune and has a record of very questionable business practices. “He’ll look after us.” Sure, like all the employees he’s fired and jobs he’s sent overseas. ‘Politicians are dishonest.” Trump isn’t? Why won’t he disclose his tax returns? What’s with the money he supposedly raised for vets that he doesn’t want to talk about? Trump University, another nasty skeleton in the closet. When/if a “politician” acts like this there’s an outcry. Last (and where are our memories?) “He would run the country like one of his businesses.” George W. Bush was elected by many people believing that same promise. Enough said.

Terry Peirce