Letter: Trump is all ego


To the editor,

Just once, I’d like to hear Donald Trump admit that he made a mistake or negotiated a deal where he had to compromise or suffer a loss.

When he responded to a claim that he had never suffered a personal loss from a military action he responded by saying that he had created many jobs. I think he is missing something between his ears. He is all ego.

Ray Kunz

Beacon Falls


  1. Rave on socialists;..Despite the best efforts of most democratic shills, Trump just keeps rising. Both Dem and old school pubes both use mainstream media to attack his character, to assail his successful business empire, and denigrate his family. There is no low bar for some of these attacks. That said, it is interesting to see how strong Trump becomes in the minds of the American voter who long for a day of stable borders and national sovereignty. Say what you will, however the voters simply will ignore most of the rhetoric..and vote Trump, resulting in a landslide victory for the Donald. Of course that is if Hillary isn’t indicted by a corrupt DOJ and FBI, or isn’t shown to have Parkinson’s disease like is speculated by medical professionals. Speaking of Mr Kunz’s statement of nothing left between the ears…..She simply isn’t FIT to be commander in chief. People deserve to know of her health issues, which she steadfastly refuses to release…and of course the trail of dead bodies associated with anything Clinton. Let’s not forget Her husband spigned into law the disasterous anti job trade bills Nafta and Gatt, and Obama continues to flout with new renditions to end american jobs..TISA TTP and TPP. Go ahead ..Vote for Hillary and end our children’s working future, your second amendment rights, and our national sovereignty..