Letter: Train station was ideal location for museum


To the editor,

So, the Naugatuck railroad station will be sold, renovated and converted into an Italian restaurant. Huh. Do we really need another Italian restaurant, especially at the railroad station? What a joke.
What is happening with our historic railroad station, and what has happened to the Naugatuck Historical Society is stooping pretty low. It is despicable. Have the involved officials’ intelligence been afflicted by a fatal terminal disease? They are abdicating honesty and integrity by appallingly being swayed by dollars signs in their eyes.

Naugatuck used to be a nice place to grow up and live in. Are there no Naugatuck natives left among the group who care enough about the town and its history, and show pride and respect Naugatuck’s history?

Our historic Naugatuck railroad station was an ideal location for the museum operated by the Naugatuck Historical Society. There is no good reason for the shameful way they were treated and removed from the railroad station museum location. They have been insulted and forced into hardship. A reversal and public apology would be the only right and decent thing to do.

How many of our Naugatuck natives know or care about the history of our ancestors and war heroes of the early years, and have the courage to stand up to money-hungry, power-seeking politicians and refuse to comply with these demons of destruction.

Virginia Donnelly