Letter: Time for new blood in Prospect


To the editor,

Nothing is worse than the old ballplayer refusing to leave the playing field past the twilight of his career. While Mayor Chatfield has provided his service to the town of Prospect for many, many years, the time is long past for new blood, a chance for revitalization in our town. Finally, in Theresa Graveline we have that fully qualified person who can take Prospect into the new century.

For far too long now Prospect has been mired in a very predictable, yet ever so slow-growth approach to town management. Residents all over town have been looking for a move towards a more transparent, connected town government. “Trust me” and saying “I’m watching your nickels” is simply not the answer we all want to hear. At the same time, there has been very little effort by the Mayor to bring about any real business development in town. This has left the lion’s share of the tax burden on the resident taxpayers, with especially intrusive impact on those on a fixed income in town, our elderly.

I have known Theresa Graveline for more than 20 years. Like so many of my fellow Republicans in town, we see her as a conservative Democrat with a true understanding of the town’s needs and the important role business development can play in our town.

What a wonderful opportunity for us to have a proven business leader, with decades of experience in town government operations to help bring about the changes Prospect will need to take it to the next level. The saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is an insult to the taxpayers of Prospect. The taxpayers deserve better.

I can vouch for the credibility, work ethic and experience of Theresa Graveline. And she loves this town like no other resident I know. Let’s elect this talented woman to give us the change we need in Prospect. It’s time to thank Mayor Chatfield for his years of service and to respectfully turn a new page, a new chapter. Theresa Graveline has my Republican vote and I truly hope yours as well, no matter your party affiliation.

Tim Reilly