Letter: Time for a noise ordinance in Naugatuck


To the editor,

It might be time for Naugatuck to institute a strong noise ordinance.

I live on Scott street where the constant flow of commercial trucks and tankers is a given and has to be accepted. However, it seems that half the vehicles in town, especially pick-up trucks, are being driven around with no mufflers. There are vehicles here that are as loud as the tractor trailers. Not to mention the motorcycles and “buzz” cars that can be heard miles away. This along with the rest of the inconsiderate people that have music blasting till 2 or 3 a.m. and others cutting lawns at 10 p.m.

Laws are set in other towns for excessively loud vehicles, dark tint on windows, loud music after certain times, etc. Why has Naugatuck become so lax? We are a community, consideration and rights of all should be respected and/or enforced.

Michael Faustine



  1. Michael how do people get hold of you? We need a petition or something. I just live up the street from you and I totally agree.