Letter: There must be something in the name Joe


To the editor,

In 1989, Naugatuck lost a great man, Joe Triano. Joe worked as a part-time police officer for Naugatuck and worked full time at Uniroyal. His dedication to boxing will never be forgotten. For over 50 years, he taught young men and women the art of boxing, as we now know as the Golden Gloves. Joe was the greatest guy talk to. A firm hand shake and a big smile was standard. A true wonderful Naugatuckian.

In 2010, another great man past that everyone knew. If you didn’t know Joe Rossi, you must have just moved into town. Joe owned a shoe store downtown Naugatuck. If you needed shoes badly, they were free. Joe also taught boxing for free for over 50 years. Dedicating his time almost every night. For his services, he received many awards. Depending who you were, he would shake your hand, and with his left fist, would give you a little jab to the gut. “Are you in shape,” he would ask? I never met a kinder man. Another man who loved people, and loved to know what’s going on in your life.

Just recently, Naugatuck lost another great Joe, Joe Healy. Joe Healy worked way past any retirement age. He loved his job and family. Something like 56 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Not sure, I lost count. “Big smile Joe,” I called him. When approaching Joe, he would always say, “Timmy me boy, how are ya?” A firm handshake would let you know he appreciated your time. “How’s the family he would ask?” I felt funny, because I thought I should be asking, “How’s your family, what’s the number up to?” If you didn’t know Joe, you didn’t know Jack. Joe Healy will be truly missed. One fantastic guy.

Of course like they say, “Behind every good man, is a good woman.” R.I.P. Joes

Tim Andrew