Letter: There are inherent dangers within Common Core


To the editor,

I am writing today as a concerned citizen to inform parents and voters, particularly parents with children in Region 16, of the inherent dangers existing within Common Core and what it means for their families. There is much about Common Core that is worrisome, but three issues are of particular concern.

The first is the damage that Common Core does to children. Children are being testing on subject matter they may not have studied and know little about. By many accounts, the tests are designed to make children fail, and those supplying the tests profit from repeated testing. Curiously, test results are not shared with parents. Principals and superintendents are trying to roll out Common Core testing under the radar as quickly as possible before parents fully understand what’s happening. When school officials are questioned, they are less than forthcoming, even evasive with their answers. Teachers speaking anonymously claim Common Core SBAC tests can overwhelm, defeat and demoralize children. Some children have been observed crying while attempting to take the test.

The second is the invasion of children’s and family privacy. There will be hundreds of data points built into Common Core. Every piece of information collected about children and families will be tied to the child’s ID number and will most likely follow the child for life. It will include not only academic history, but also things like disciplinary actions, psychological evaluations, willingness to accept state doctrine, and much more. Worse, this information will be shared with the federal government, which can use it wrongfully to deny licenses or affect future job opportunities in other ways. We know hackers routinely gain access to sensitive government computers, so if it’s suggested your child’s data is safe, that would be an insult to any thinking person’s intelligence. Common Core is considered by many to be the most dangerous domestic spying program the federal government has ever devised.

The third is the attempt to replace parents’ rights with the rights of the state to raise and indoctrinate children in a way that benefits the state. Children have no union; they only have parents or guardians to protect them. At one time, teachers spoke against Common Core, but their complaint was mostly about having their performance evaluations tied to student test scores. Once that link was removed, unions were back on board and teachers again became passive. Once inside the classroom, the government has a captured audience to do with what it will. There is a radical left-wing movement entrenched and operating within our education system, and history is being rewritten by these liberals. At one time parents needed only worry about their children being inculcated with the liberal philosophy when they went off to college. Now Common Core is pushing this indoctrination all the way down to kindergarten.

Finally, parents must ask themselves if the actions they’ve seen by our federal government regarding education and its attempts to inculcate children with its liberal philosophy is what they want for their children. Make no mistake; this is a fight for the hearts and minds of your children. Do you want your children to have your family values or the values of the government? There are two ways to protest what is happening. Parents should opt their children out of any SBAC test, and all concerned citizens should keep voting no to the Region 16 budget until the Common Core implementation is completely stopped — never to appear again. It’s the right thing to do to protect our kids and their futures from a government which has lost its way.

Ed Groth

Beacon Falls