Letter: The system must be cleaned up


To the editor,

I am amazed at the way folks who disagree with presidential actions will rally, demonstrate and riot. Don’t they realize that he is the duly elected official whose decisions are to benefit all? If his actions do not break laws, wait until the next election. Behaving like little kids having temper tantrums is not the way. If you have a valid problem you should pass a law, not have a riot.

The masked anarchists that get all the publicity in the news are looking for opportunities to damage property and steal goods. If the police attempt to maintain order they are accused of brutality.

We should call the situation what it really is. It is a war between the productive folks and those who are comfortable living on the dole forever. But we have a big problem here. Our government leaders are favoring this welfare system because it keeps the welfare recipients as being slaves to the system. “Vote for me and I’ll provide your benefits.”  And a lot of our most vocal politicians live by this indebtedness.

Obviously there are unique exceptions, but the system must be cleaned up.

Ray Kunz

Beacon Falls