Letter: The library is an amazing place


To the editor,

Have you ever wanted to go to faraway places, learn amazing facts, and be home in time for dinner? You can do all of that at the Whittemore Library.

I think that kids of all ages would like to go to the book clubs and participate in fun activities. My favorite activity is the hedgehog we made out of old books. My favorite book club book is Wonder.

Are you ever lonely when you’re reading a book? Maybe a parent, brother, or sister is busy, but you can always ask a librarian to let you use one of their book buddies. The book buddy you choose might even match the book that you are reading.

Is there a book that you have always wanted to read but you just can’t find? You can always ask a librarian. They are friendly and don’t bite. If they don’t have the book you are looking for, they can order it so you can get it when it comes in.

You can use the computers to research anything or type out essays and reports.

Do you want a movie or CD that is your very favorite? The Whittemore Library might have it so you can check it out and listen to it whenever you want.

The library is amazing and you can find out about how they spend money on new books. All you have to do is join the Library Scouts. It will teach you all about how the librarians put the books back in the right place.

I hope you go to the Whittemore Library. I might even see you there.

Leah Quijano


The writer is an 8-year-old member of Whittemore Library Scouts program.