Letter: Thankful for the memories


To the editor,

Many of you will probably not remember Sally Lockwood. She wrote for the Citizen’s News, her column was called, “And by the Way.”

She was humorous, reminiscent, and to the point. We would look forward to her column to see what memories she would stir up.

Sally loved her best friend and husband, Barry, her children, and grandson. But especially she loved her poodles. She was easy to befriend and so, had many.

After Barry’s death she moved to Branford with her girls Krissy and Susan and her two dogs and that depended on Daryl who had rescue poodles and if they needed someone to love them for awhile she would get in touch with Sally, who could never say no. She made many new friends (keeping the old of course). She continued to write her column. Then one day decided to start doing some of the things on that bucket list of life, and so she did.

She loved the ocean, walking the beach or just enjoying the sun, going to the casino. She went fishing (yup, our Sally went fishing), waterskiing, tubing, parasailing and cruising, all with her girls and new friend. The bucket list got shorter. Sally was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago. The Lord took her last week and now she is my angel. I’m sure if she could say one thing to us she would say don’t wait to start that bucket list, enjoy life and live.

All of us girls, Judy G, Jane, Barb, Margie and ReRe are going to miss you, your smile and great since of humor, Charlie too.

I guess we all like to go back and reminisce — poufy prom gowns, Rock Around the Clock, Mr. Johnson’s civic class, Miss Granger and Shakespeare, sodas at Yeatons, or Robinsons, Pizza at Barberios in Union City. The Rubber Shop, dances at the YMCA, black and white TV, Howdy Doody Time, just to go back a little.

Thanks Sally for the memories. Rest in peace.

Rita Starziski