Letter: Taxpayer waiting on refund


To the editor,

As a follow up to my letter in last week’s [Citizen’s News], I realized that since the local politicians and budget analysts had such difficulty coming up with an accurate assessment of financing needs for Region 16, that they’ll most likely struggle similarly in trying to calculate how much tax money to refund each family in Beacon Falls in order to properly dispense of the surplus. Evidently, none of them are very proficient at math. So, as a community service I’ve decided to help them out by doing a rough calculation for them. And I am not going to ask for any compensation for my time or effort.

Of the $1.44 million dollar surplus, 40 percent belongs to Beacon Falls households. So, 40 percent of $1.44 million is $576,000. The approximate population of Beacon Falls is 6,000 people. Conservatively estimating that there are four people per household that would equate to roughly 1,500 taxpaying households. Therefore, $576,000 divided by 1,500 households yields an approximate refund of $385 per household in Beacon Falls.

I’m personally looking very much forward to receiving my check. Do you offer direct deposit?

Chris Scelfo

Beacon Falls


  1. When the entire Board of selectmen pays taxes maybe they will properly manage the taxes. Good idea though! You dreamer!!