Letter: Tax collector discusses budget issues


To the editor,

As the debate over the budget in the borough continues, the Tax Collector’s office continues to receive calls from residents seeking information about numerous tax-related issues. Prior to the first referendum vote, many distressed residents contacted us under the impression that their taxes were increasing by 4 percent or even doubling. The tax increase at that time was for about one half of 1 percent. This office urges any resident concerned over the tax impact to themselves, unsure of how information in the newspaper or relayed through other sources affects them, or confused over any tax-related issues to please contact our office at (203) 720-7051 or my cell phone at (203) 996-6675. I can also be reached at jimgoggin@sbcglobal.net or work email jgoggin@naugatuck-ct.gov. The Naugatuck Tax Collector’s office remains dedicated to providing accurate and detailed information to any resident in need.

I would also like to take this opportunity to quickly answer some of the more frequently asked questions:

What is one-time revenue? One-time revenue is funding that is not received on an annual basis. Examples include funds for the sale of property, collection of a previously classified bad debt, or reimbursement for particular projects. Using one-time revenue in a budget is not uncommon and may or may not lead to future tax increases depending on the budgetary items.

How much will I save on my taxes with a revenue neutral golf course? On average one would save about $5 a year on a house and $2 on a car (.58 cents monthly). Though I have been asked many times, I am unable to supply tax impact figures if we were to not fund the golf course as many different scenarios come into play with very different cost impacts.

Is it true that all new employees hired by the Borough of Naugatuck are no longer on a pension plan? Yes, all new borough employees will no longer receive the option of a high cost defined benefits program (pension). They will however remain eligible for the much lower costing defined contribution plan (403b which is comparable to a private sector 401k). This does not apply to teachers or administrators as their pensions are state pensions and thereby out of municipal control.

The current budget is set to slightly decrease taxes and is available at www.naugatuck-ct.gov for you to view (click on top left column). Naugatuck is paying a heavy price right now to correct many of the issues and shortfalls of the past. There are many questions I may not be able to answer, but I’m confident I can direct you to the proper authority to answer your questions correctly. If I can be of assistance please feel free to contact my office.

Jim Goggin

Tax Collector